Why Choose Rivertown Home Inspections..?

At Rivertown Home Inspections we specialize in only one thing...to make every effort to insure the client has a complete understanding about what is going on with the property being inspected. Whether it be on the actual inspection with the client on site, or the very easy to read and understand report that is presented. Homes come in many shapes and sizes, but all must be inspected in the same way.  Rivertown Home Inspections include:

Inspection of the Grounds,  including Patios, Service walks and Driveways, Grading and Drainage, Exterior Wood Surfaces, Roof and Surface Water Control, Window Wells, Railing, Fences, Retaining Walls, Landscaping Affecting Foundation, and Balconies.

Inspection of the Roof,  including The Style of Roof, Where and How it was Inspected, The Ventilation System, Flashing and Valleys, Condition of the Roof, Skylights. and Plumbing Vents.

Inspection of the Exterior,  including Gutters and Downspouts, Siding, Doors and Windows, Chimneys, Cricket Flashing and Caulk, Soffit, Fascia and Flashing, The Foundation, The Service Entrance, Exterior A/C-Heat Pump, Service Disconnect, Clearances for Overhead Wires, Receptacles Functioning and Weather Resistant with GFCI Protection, Hose Bibs, The Garage,  Placement of the Dryer Vent and other Exhaust Type Vents.

Inspection of The Interior, including The Kitchen and the Functionality of All Major Appliances, Check for Leaks in Plumbing,  Adequate Water Flow and Drainage, GFCI Protection, Cabinets and Drawers, The Laundry Room, All Bathrooms, all interior doors and windows, Flooring, Walls and Ceilings, Bedrooms and Closets, Heat/Cooling source in each room, Adequate Power Supplied to each room, Fire Separation Door From Garage, Exhaust Fans  Vented to the Outside, The Plumbing System, The Electrical System, Heating and Cooling Systems, The Basement and/or Crawlspace. We Inspect Every receptacle for proper function, as well as all room vents for adequate flow, not just a representative amount. We go the extra mile to insure that our clients find a well built, well maintained home that they can enjoy for many years to come!

 Rivertown Home Inspections helps home buyers get what they deserve....an honest non-biased inspection. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns and we will be happy to discuss them with you. Thank you for visiting Rivertown Home Inspections... Have a Blessed Day and Happy House Hunting!

Regards, Mickey Schaller TN Home Inspector 1931